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Clever Bootstrap Program

Unfair Advantages for Startups

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Wasting time you don’t have is quite absurd

Deploy, host, and manage your software without hassle.
Here’s what Clever Cloud does compared to classic hosting:

Here's what you'll get:
90% off during three months
1 day of training
10% forever

💰 90% off for three months

Starting and boostrapping is an art. A tedious one. That’s why we’re commiting in startups and small businesses success by giving 90% off on the first three months. Then a 10% discount is applied on your first apps for an unlimited amount of time.

❤️ Reserved for the top-noch programms

Up to nine (and counting!) partners have subscribed to thus offer. All you have to do is to apply in the form belown and we’ll head back to you as soon as we can. Not in the list ? Don’t hesitate to reach us (see below) to propose your accelerator or startup program. We’ll look into it and reach you out once everything’s fine.

⛑️ All-Stars Support & training

The best part: we’re not proposing a sub-product here. We value your work, and that’s why we commit ourselves in the best support we can do. We usually respond within fifteen minutes and a ticket last for less than two days, so you’ll never feel alone with us :)

Why Clever Cloud

A robust platform built for production-grade applications

No Entry Costs

Come as you are: don't change your code to run on Clever Cloud. Nothing spcific is required to run your apps and services.

Scaling is Built-in

Choose freely the amount of resources you need. Configure your own scaling scenarios, just in case you'll get unexpected trafic or usage

A wide set of supported technologies

From Java to PHP, including Ruby and Haskell, Clever Cloud offer a large set of runtime. Pick the best fit for your apps, and configure add-ons with one click for your databases and other kind of services.

Pay as you Grow

There is no extravagant calculus to be done here: you'll pay for what you need and what you use.

Code and Deploy with the tools your love

Besides our web console, we have open-sourced our cli, Clever Tools : it allows you to manage your deployment lifecycle / configuration within your terminal.

Collaborate easily

Clever Cloud support teamwork within its core. Add members in your work organization for review, deployments and accounting.

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